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Supporting Black Excellence through education and innovation.

The Center for Advancing Black Excellence in Education is an education-nonprofit passionately committed to uplifting Black communities through education. We envision a future where Black communities flourish through the transformative power of education. We dedicate ourselves to bridging the educational gap for Black students. Through our innovative programs, we provide unwavering support, and robust advocacy, aimed at nurturing and celebrating the potential in each student. Our work is built upon three core pillars – educating future leaders, advocating for systemic changes in education, and celebrating our communities through philanthropic giving. As passionate co-conspirators in the pursuit of educational equity, we are dedicated to fostering environments where Black students are not merely recognized but are also empowered to achieve excellence.

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Our Programs

We offer a variety of programs to support Black students, families, educators, and school board members. The Center for Advancing Black Excellence in Education currently has three project based programs. Ready to Run, The Black Excellence Project, and The Black Santa Project.

How you can help

Your support is crucial to our mission. Click the button below to learn more about the different ways you can make a difference, from volunteering your time or donating.

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Meet Our Board & Supporters

Our board is made up of passionate educators, advocates, and community leaders who are dedicated to advancing Black excellence in education. Our mission is backed by State Legislators, Non-Profit Leaders, City Council Members, School Board Members, and Executives from School Board Associations from across the country.

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