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At The Center for Advancing Black Excellence in Education, we are an education nonprofit deeply dedicated to uplifting Black communities through the power of education. Our mission is grounded in the conviction that access to high-quality education is not just a right, but the foundation of thriving and resilient communities. We commit ourselves to disrupting the systems that cause educational disparities faced by Black students. Through this work, we will reimagine our K-12 education system and dismantle deeply rooted systems of oppression.

Our approach is multifaceted: we implement innovative programs that provide vital resources, steadfast support, and strong advocacy, all meticulously designed to cultivate and honor the innate potential within each student. Our work is built upon three core pillars – educating future leaders, advocating for systemic changes in education, and celebrating our communities through philanthropic giving.

As passionate co-conspirators in the pursuit of educational equity, we are dedicated to fostering environments where Black students are not merely recognized but are also empowered to achieve excellence. 


The Center for Advancing Black Excellence in Education envisions a future where Black communities ascend through the transformative power of education. We see a world where every Black student has access to high-quality education complementing the resilience of our communities. Our vision is to be a catalyst for educational equity, empowering Black students to realize their full potential, shaping future leaders, influencing systemic changes, and celebrating community successes through our multifaceted initiatives and unwavering advocacy.

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