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Ready to Run is dedicated to fostering the development of leaders who prioritize the well-being, education, and future of students and educators. By collaborating with community members, we identify and coach individuals with a liberatory mindset to run for their local school boards, acting as catalysts for educational transformation and equity. Our mission is to cultivate a network of forward-thinking school board members who will work relentlessly to ensure a liberatory education system focusing on creating learning environments that nurture growth, innovation, and the holistic development of students.

Our program is designed to coach individuals that are not reluctant, resistant, or refuse to center Black excellence in education. 

Our Vision:

Ready to Run envisions a future where every school board is comprised of community-rooted, student-centered leaders who are committed to cultivating educational environments that are inclusive, equitable, and conducive to the optimal development of students and educators. We strive for a world where political agendas no longer hinder the educational process or continuous learning of Black students and advance educational practices and policies that are responsive to the needs of Black students and educators, ultimately contributing to enlightened, informed, and empowered societies.

Ready to Run Fellowship:

Ready to Run presents a comprehensive 6-week cohort program dedicated to coaching leaders who are passionate about transforming education and committed to running for school board positions in their communities. This program is designed for individuals who prioritize the well-being and education of Black students and educators and are focused on fostering equitable, inclusive, and innovative learning environments.

Participants will embark on a journey, exploring the dynamics of student-centered leadership, delving into the essence of community engagement, and acquiring the essential skills and knowledge to strategically position themselves in school board elections. Engaging sessions, interactive workshops, and insightful panel discussions will provide candidates with a holistic perspective on educational leadership, policy advocacy, and electoral processes.

Applications for our first fellowship will open on August 1, 2024.

Candidates that participate in our fellowship will be READY TO SERVE on DAY ONE!
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