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At the Center for Advancing Black Excellence in Education we're passionate about enriching the educational experience for Black students across Colorado. In 2019 the Denver School School Board passed the landmark Black Excellence Resolution, which resulted in a school-by-school focus on ensuring educational opportunities for Black students. In order to further advance the Black Excellence Resolution the Denver School Board passed the Know Justice, Know Peace Resolution to mandate representation in the district's curriculum.  We will work with local school boards to adopt these resolutions for their school districts. 

We begin by raising awareness about the resolution's positive impacts; using data, testimonials, and workshops to educate school boards and communities. This involves highlighting voices from students, educators, and parents who have witnessed or experienced the transformative power of such initiatives.


Building partnerships is a cornerstone of our strategy. We are actively forging alliances with community leaders and organizations to advocate for inclusive and equitable education. Our collaborative efforts aim to influence education policy at both local and state levels, ensuring that the needs of Black students are met and celebrated.


Tailored support for schools is crucial. We assist schools in developing and implementing their unique Black Excellence Plans. This includes connecting school districts and individual schools with resources that conduct workshops to empower educators with the skills needed for culturally responsive teaching.

Empowering the community is key to our mission. This community-centric approach ensures that the voices of Black students, educators, and families who are most impacted by educational inequities are heard and acted upon.

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