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Our Programs

Ready To Run: 

Our mission is to cultivate a network of forward-thinking school board members who will work relentlessly to ensure a liberatory education system focusing on creating learning environments that nurture growth, innovation, and the holistic development of all students. Candidates that participate in our fellowship will be READY TO SERVE on DAY ONE!

The Black Excellence Project:

At the Center for Advancing Black Excellence in Education we're passionate about enriching the educational experience for Black students across Colorado. In 2019 the Denver School School Board passed the landmark Black Excellence Resolution, which resulted in a school-by-school focus on ensuring educational opportunities for Black students. In order to further advance the Black Excellence Resolution the Denver School Board passed the Know Justice, Know Peace Resolution to mandate representation in the district's curriculum. We believe that every student in Colorado should have curricular materials that honor and celebrate their diverse identities. We will work with local school boards to adopt these resolutions for their school districts. 

The Black Santa Project: 

We believe that every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves to experience the magic and warmth of the holiday spirit. Our initiative focuses on reaching out to systemically-impacted communities, working closely with local organizations and volunteers to identify and fulfill the holiday wishes of children in these areas. 

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